Frequently asked questions

Am I being controlled under hypnosis?

No, you are in control. You are conscious of what is happening around you and can come out of the hypnosis at any time.

What if I can´t be hypnotised?

Many clients have this concern. You don´t have to worry though. In hypnosis you are deeply relaxed, a state that you are in when you are about to sleep. If you worry about how deep you are able to go, I can tell you that it is
really not important. You will benefit from the session anyway, no matter what level of depth you are in.

Do you do regression?

Yes, in every session that implies freeing you from blockages from the past.

how many sessions do I need?

I work with rapid transformations and don't want to waste either your time or mine. The sessions needed are individual though, and may depend on your issue. Usually one, but two or three sessions are enough. Most issues only take one session. 

I am worried that your sessions won´t work for me

I understand your concern, especially if you have struggled with your issue(s) for a very long time and tried a lot of healing modalities. However, the sessions I do are based on scientific studies and proven experience. Studies have shown that your thoughts and feelings shape your brain, body and how you experience life. I have seen clients transform in one session, so can you. If you want change in your life, and you are prepared to take this seriously and also listen to your personal transformational recording for 21 days, you will rewire your brain.

Am I assured of confidentiality?

Yes, absolutely.  Everything that is revealed during a session stays with me. 

What if i uncover something I don´t want to share?

You don´t have to share everything to be helped by the session. You are free to keep details to yourself, as long as you can tell me how the details affect you.

What if I find a traumatic memory in my past?

You may reveal something in your past that is traumatic. However, you do not re-live the scenes, you just see them as if you are watching a movie. The session is about freeing you from the blockages in the past. You will no longer be affected by the trauma after the session.


I work with adults, 18 years and up.

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