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Jana Livenmark

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I am here to rapidly guide you to transform your life! If you are longing for change and committed. I do what I love, and love what I do.

The huge interest in the fields of wellness and personal development started with my own journey. I created different physical issues as a child and teenager. I also had low self-esteem and felt lonely. I decided to take the health issues in my own hands, since no one seemed to be able to help me, and one thing after another disappeared. With the tools, experience, and knowledge I now have, I realize that you can rapidly transform your life! 

I have worked as a therapist, coach, and consultant for  many years. My experience have given me a lot of knowledge to share and help people with. I have realized that your mind is the most powerful tool for wellbeing. Mind overrides matter. For example your diet. With that said, I don´t underestimate the food we eat. Not at all. Everything is energy and certain foods have better energy than others. We all know that, but what you think and feel is even more important!

I love learning new stuff about the human being as a body, mind and spirit, and how we are connected to the Universe. I never, ever read fiction books! I don´t have time for that! I am busy in living and creating my own life, my own growth and exchange knowledge and experience with others. Well....I sometimes watch a fiction movie.. 😜

I am a Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT), Numerologist, Body Therapist, Health Advisor, Healer, and I have a university degree in Human Resources Management. I can´t write all that on my business card, so I call myself Holistic Transformational Life Coach. Because I coach people to experience Holistic, rapid, transformational change that creates lasting results in their life. Though I have studied and received diplomas and certificates, and agree that education is often important, I am a great believer that the education in life isn´t so much about the university degrees and certificates. It is about life experience, staying true to ourselves and do what we really love doing. If you love doing something and do it from your heart, you are going to get good at it.

I am here for you, to guide you in living a brilliant, exciting life! This is my purpose. I love working with people, to help them get rid of blocks that are holding them back and coaching them forward in living their life to the fullest! Many people have  limiting beliefs about themselves. You can have the life you desire, the relationship you are longing for, work with what you love and have the health and wealth that gives you freedom! But you don´t have to get there the long and hard way – you can choose an easier and rapid way. You do want that, don´t you?! What are you waiting for!? Life is happening now. Are YOU ready for change? Are you interested or committed? 

I work with people all over the world and do sessions in either Swedish or English. All sessions are done via Skype.

Want to know what it is like to work with me?

Book your free 20-minute assessment call to see what I can do for you and if we are a good team. You have nothing to lose, but everything to win!

When YOU change, everything changes!

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